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Just thought I'd start off the post with a witty remark about the last post that Tucker will most likely want to ban me for because my frail attempts at humor have no effect on him.

Success.  xD

In case anyone is actually reading this, we've quite obviously not updated the website in some time. 
It is not of necessity as the majority of our conversing occurs in our Teamspeak. If you're new to our clan and have happened upon this website, do not fret! The TeamSpeak info is below~
This site may be ancient (Pronounced anshent not ankshent) and it's contents even more-so, but we are very much alive.

Tucker, Riley, Sean, and Raide are all relatively busy with their school work.
Julia is off in the land of Job doing worky things and is missed for her absence.
Logan is now three hours ahead instead of two,also.. kittens. ;D
BillWill is his good ol' self  +1 now.
Eizen is elusive but a helpful critic when it's needed.
and I have been Scribbling crazies on the walls of the batcave while studying more UDK things.
If, for some reason, you'd like to see what I'm working on I'll be posting an video to my channel below  once I finish my first build version of my project.

Our Teamspeak IP has been updated
There is no password, so feel free to join us.

I think that's the end of this post.
Yup :3

The Future is Coming!

Tucker467 a posted Sep 17, 12
So, if you haven't noticed it by now, we're changing to a biweekly update schedule. This may be a permanent change, it may only last for a little while. Who knows? But let's delve into the news for this biweekly section (Anyone got a better name for that?)
  • The TeamSpeak is going public! That's right folks, now you and your friends can hang out on our team chatting server! Just clickity-clack on the button down on the right over there, above the TeamSpeak information panel, or enter in **.***.***.*** as the IP on your TeamSpeak client. We do, however, reserve the right to kick/ ban you from the chat if you have annoyed us or others. Maturity is REQUIRED!

  • As a celebration for 50 subscribers, and 10,000 Youtube video views, there will be a fly-through of Josh's new level that he's been working on in about a week. It's not quite finished yet. More specifics will be posted later.

  • Has anyone seen Logan? We haven't heard from him in AGES!

  • Fan-art Fridays are going to be a new weekly section on the Actorx Blacklight youtube channel. This are going to initially be related to Blacklight, but will eventually transition into other games.
That's it for this biweekly info session (Seriously. Names, anyone?). Hope you have a great week!
<3 Tucker

School Has Commenced!

Tucker467 a posted Sep 4, 12
First off, apologies on the late update. I couldn't really think of what to put...

But anyway, on to business!

The school year has begun for Riley, Raide, Julia, and I, so updates involving all of us are going to be a bit more scarce. When we get the time, though, we'll try to keep the content a-comin'. Thankfully, Josh doesn't have school, so he'll be holding down the fort for us. Speaking of Josh...

...He's making another level! The title of his new level is Equilibrium, and pictures, information, and the like should be up soon. He's recently entered into the BAR video montage so be sure to check that out here. Remember to give him a thumbs up if you like it!

And before I close off this edition of the (hopefully) weekly happenings, I'd like to remind you all to PLEASE let us know you actually use the website. It really does make an impact on how soon we make updates like this, and videos, and other stuff that we do to give to you. And as always, please give us any suggestions you have for games, montage ideas, et cetera, et cetera.

Thanks for the read!


Edit: If you guys are looking for a fix on Josh's amazing art, his deviantart page is here.

Help us out!

Tucker467 a posted Aug 20, 12
If you've looked close enough, you'll notice that there are some changes to the website! Namely, there is now a donations module. Our first goal is to upgrade the website to a premium account. This will allow a custom theme for us, a new videos tab, where videos from both of our channels (Actorx Blacklight and RealityGamingCrew) will be uploaded onto one central location, as well as other neat-o features.

We've also taken out the Events and Gallery tab, because they weren't being used. Please contact us if you will deeply miss these once unloved pages.

Also, the TeamSpeak module is back! Wooooo!

One more thing :D 
Hide and Seek~
We're in the concept stages of designing our new UDK game "Hide and Seek"
Keep an eye out here in the news feed for weekly updates :)
or Facebook here for daily updates:

It's Tucker's birthday!
Everyone wish him Happy Birthday! :D

DahLoc Happy birthday ^.^ I'm not late at all
Tucker467 a Thanks guys!
Raide a Happy Barfday, Tucker!
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